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Welcome to de.Trybe – a safe, inclusive community of strong, executive level women and those working to become one, who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse originating in the workplace. Here, you will discover a supportive space where you can connect with a diverse network of women, gain mentorship and advice, and access resources developed by caring, trusted professionals and field experts. Together, as one, we can re-empower you, your colleagues, and the culture in your workplace.

Join us as we build our community and strengthen our network of professional women who lift each other up. So that together, we can move through our challenging and impactful professional and personal experiences.

Articles & blogs

De.Trybe’s articles and blogs range from trauma bonding to setting boundaries in the workplace, to debunking the harmful myths around sexual harassment and assault. As survivors you will gain information and insights into your own experiences, and further your healing journey. Understanding your experience is a huge step towards self-compassion and healing. As an ally you will gain a deeper understanding of the impacts and complexities of workplace sexual harassment and assault.

The growing pandemic of online sexual harassment in the workplace

The growing pandemic of online sexual harassment in the workplace

How to deal with online sexual harassment in your organisation

How to deal with online sexual harassment in your organisation

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Written by de.Trybe and vetted by experts, our playbooks encompass personal and professional issues related to reporting workplace complaints, how to deal with stalking and harassment, how to file a police report, and much more. In these playbooks, you will gain practical knowledge and insights into how to address these serious and complex injustices and to overcome any difficulties you encounter on your path to healing.

More powerful than what we build,
is what we build together.

Professional services

Coaching services

The de.Trybe coaching services offer a range of personal development and executive/leadership coaching programs where our clients develop meaningful strategies that will empower you toward real and sustainable change.

Personal training services

De.Trybe’s personal training programs are designed and developed with two goals in mind: reconnecting with your body and re-empowering you; body and mind.

Legal services

De.Trybe is able to connect you with expert legal services in your area. We can guide you on the type of lawyer you need and connect you with our expert partners.

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