Ever felt like you need to be *this*, or should have done that? That your career was your whole identity? Ever been defined by being a working mother? Or by not being a mother? Sick of hearing people say “how does she do it all?”. Yeah, us too.

de.Trybe is an independent, community-driven organisation founded by today’s women, for tomorrow’s women. Following founder Harriet King’s personal experience with sexual harassment and violence, de.Trybe was formed with the goal of creating a place where women could self-reflect, share, heal, and move forward – together.

We’re here to break down the glossy barriers and restrictive labels that make it all seem fine on the outside, when you’re not on the inside. And the stigma that says “she can’t do it all,” because she sure as hell can.


We aim to help women lead extraordinary lives through a community that empowers them to give themselves permission, define their own sense of self, embrace their own agency, and ultimately, set themselves free. In doing so, we enable them to break down social constructs that no longer apply, so that they can redefine what it means to them to be a modern working woman.


By partnering with experts, we aim to provide accurate and accessible resources on a wide variety of topics relevant to women everywhere. Through our podcast, events, and an online community, de.Trybe works to give women the chance to reconnect with themselves and carry renewed power into every choice they make. And we’re going to do it together.

Interested to know more?


I’m Harriet, and I’m so, so happy that you’re here.

I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, a survivor. I’m someone who worked hard to achieve ‘traditional’ career success, only to face the biggest battle of my life right smack-bang in the middle of it. If I’m being honest, I’m no one special, but I am you.

I’m a lawyer by trade, having earned my degree in Exeter and studying the LPC at BPP Professional Education, London. Ironically, I ended up at the centre of a legal battle that involved my own experience with sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

My healing process has led me to many realisations, one of the most important being that there’s nothing more important than your relationship with yourself. It’s easy to get lost in thoughts of what you think you should be, and feel less than you are. And boy, did I lose myself.

But what I found was that despite the sheer difficulty of it all, not giving up was so worth it. That was the fire that fueled my healing process, even when it felt like it was impossible.

With de.Trybe, I want to help other women break through their own chains – their personal roadblocks – to live the fullest expressions of themselves. I want to help them define their own sense of self and femininity. To be the CEOs of their lives, and thrive in doing so. To empower them to set themselves free by getting to decide who they are, with the support of a collective behind them.

For me, being a woman in the working world is about collaboration, connection, and giving yourself permission. It’s not about what you want, but about who you want to be. If this resonates with you, then I’d absolutely love for you to join us. I’d be thrilled to help you step into a space that makes you proud to be you, and proud to be part of our collective.

Life’s too short to not be grabbing life by the b*lls, so let’s do it together.


Harriet is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcast host, trainer, activist, change maker, and burgeoning salsa dancer. And she’s proud of it all.

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