About de.Trybe

From personal and professional experience, we know the balance of power is not equal in the workplace. While, we expect that leadership, stakeholders, and coworkers will treat each other with respect, and integrity, we have now seen that is not necessarily the case and a shift toward a safe and effective workplace, rooted in equality will not happen overnight.

Dysfunctional working relationships, harassment, verbal maltreatment, and assault in the workplace are serious issues that continue to be swept under the rug and rarely discussed. Many may not even be aware that they are part of a culture that is allowing these issues to happen, condoning and even perpetuating abusive behavior. The result? Survivors are left to pick up the pieces as organizations lack the understanding, and in some cases, the willingness to address the cultural issues in their workplace to ensure they are providing a safe and productive business environment.

Our mission is to change that. Together.

Welcome to de.Trybe – a digital platform for survivors of sexual assault, abuse, harassment or violence that has originated in the workplace. Our goal is to create a trusted community where we uplift, support, and encourage survivors of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace to move through their trauma, reclaim their strength, and turn their deepest pain into their deepest power.

We are also here to support organizations and individual executives in making empowered leadership choices to authentically represent themselves and the intrinsic needs of their female employees.

This is a place for self-discovery. It is an inclusive environment providing the opportunity to find yourself and carry renewed power into every circumstance and choice you make.

Without the support of a community behind you, it’s hard to make that change both personally and professionally. But think of yourself as a trailblazer. As you grow and navigate life with a different grace and ease than before, you create a path for tomorrow’s woman.

Whether you are seeking justice via a formal process or just desire to recalibrate and heal in whatever way you need, at your own pace, this is the place for you. We are here to get you well on your way to being independent, confident and at peace by tapping into the warrior strength that lies within.

Interested to know more?

You have the ultimate power to determine your beliefs and actions with de.Trybe’s resources and support behind you every step of the way.

As every one of us takes a step toward healing, we create a broader change in the collective consciousness. By impacting one individual in our Trybe, we create a domino effect where women help each other heal and rise – together as one. As a member of our Trybe, you will play your part in creating that change through the stories you share, the friendships you make, the acceptance you give and receive, and the growth you keep with you as you step into the corporate world.

We’re bombarded with the knowledge that the ‘system’ surrounding sexual assault and harassment is woefully inadequate and often works against us rather than for us.

Through our own experiences and professional expertise, we want to give you the real deal: no sugarcoating, no hiding. We’ve been where you are, and we want to empower you with the tools you need to break free from what is keeping you shackled.

At de.Trybe, we promise hands-on, pragmatic advice that you can leverage to move forward from surviving to thriving – all based on our mix of professional background, first-hand experiences and wealth of credible expert input.

Our resources are here for individuals and organizations to create a safe, inclusive space for professional women across the world.

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