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Committing to a training program is so much more than working out and training your body. Of course, there are significant physical benefits to keeping your body healthy and strong. However, the mental and emotional benefits of a consistent training regimen can be the blueprint structure for a complete mindset and lifestyle transformation. The mindset that athletes apply to their training is an incredible road map for how to develop mental resilience and agility and emotional health and wellbeing. They are the keys to truly unlocking your freedom and living your very best life.

If you commit to being consistent, you will learn how taking small steps leads to big results. You will learn to let go of uncomfortable feelings/emotions. You will learn how to find comfort in discomfort, and you will learn to fail and pick yourself right back up. With de.Trybe’s personal training packages, you will learn how to transfer that athlete’s mindset into your personal and professional life.

For those women who have experienced violence or harassment, developing a training routine redefines your relationship with your body. You take it back. You realize just how strong and powerful it is. You learn that it belongs to you and no one else. You learn that it is your home, your temple, and you build your resolve to make choices that honor and empower it.

De.Trybe’s personal training programs are designed and developed with 2 goals in mind:

  • Reconnecting with your body and
  • Re-empowering you; body and mind


Marcelino Brudet – Personal Trainer

Marcelino Brudet – Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Lino and I’m a certified personal trainer and security specialist. 15 years ago I decided to get serious about my physical health ...

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