It is de.Trybe’s philosophy and firm belief that in order for organizations to become true business innovators they must become organizations that redefine what it means to be a high-performance workplace culture. To become organizations that embrace, value and cater to the intrinsic human needs of its employees.

We recognize that this is a significant cultural shift from the typical corporate culture, solely focused on operational performance and efficiency; However, innovation demands new behaviors. In the context of corporate cultural change, this means changing not only the actions and behaviors of leadership and employees but changing the entrenched collective perception of how things get done within the organization or the ‘unwritten rules of what is and is not ok’. The status quo can be the most challenging aspect of organizational transformation and it cannot be achieved via mandate.

At de.Trybe, we understand that a company’s culture is its employees. As such it is not enough for leaders to dictate the culture shifts they want to see. Rather they must clearly define the desired vision and spotlight and display the specific actions necessary to achieve that vision.

At de.Trybe, we know that to effect organizational culture change, simply explaining the need for change won’t do it. In order to effect genuine and sustained organizational change, you have to change the hearts and minds of both leadership and employees – i.e., they must understand the need for the change so deeply, that they feel a genuine desire or even the responsibility to be a part of it. This requires a movement!

At de.Trybe, we believe that organizational culture change only happens when people take action. This requires empowering growth and change within individual leaders, enabling them to lead by example. de.Trybe can work with your organization and its leaders to develop bespoke training and consultancy packages that will include individual and group executive coaching and training, ensuring organizational leadership truly embodies not only the desired cultural principles but the desired cultural practices.

At de.Trybe we offer:

A no judgment approach – the aim is to create cultural shifts that can be truly integrated into the roots of the organization. This cannot be achieved through nebulous policies and mandates but through a raw and honest look at current practices and developing a clearly defined vision of the organization that you want to be in the future – with clearly defined steps of how to get there.

Corporate Consultancy Packages are devised depending on the current cultural climate within your organization and the outcome you are looking to achieve. It is possible to pick and choose our services to create a bespoke package to truly meet the needs of your organization. To speak to us about starting a movement to truly achieve a high-performance workplace culture, please get in contact with us using our contact form, sending us an e-mail or giving us a call.

We will:

  • Revisit Your Core Values
  • Assess Your Existing Company Culture
  • Review your Existing Employee Lifecycle Practices
  • Set Your Culture Goals
  • Map Out Your Plan
  • Evaluate your Progress
  • Provide Coaching Resources, Training Modules and Playbooks, carefully curated to engage your organization in the change and to support your organization through the cultural transformation until we are truly Together as One

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