Harriet King – Founder, de.Trybe – Coach

I’ve seen both sides of the coin – as a former International Employment Laywer, and survivor of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. I’ve dealt with workplace complaints, and filed my own.

So I know better than anyone what the impacts can be on a personal level, and the inadequacies of the current systems. I’ve made it to the other side, and know exactly what it takes to get there.


  • 1-on-1 Healing Program

     585,00 excl. VAT Coaching women who have experienced sexual violence and harassment that have originated in the workplace through their healing and reporting journey.Add to basket
  • Executive Authentic Leadership Coaching

     585,00 excl. VAT Coaching Business Leaders/Executive Women on their path to authentic leadership.Add to basket
  • 90 Min Deep-dive Strategy Session

     250,00 excl. VAT This consultative session is for those who want an on-demand deep dive coaching session. In this 90-minute session, you’ll bring one topic to our coaching conversation and will leave with a clear action plan and strategy to implement it going forward.Add to basket
  • 90 Min Hustle Your Passion Strategy Session

     250,00 excl. VAT Turn your passion into meaningful action. Whether you’re craving change or seeking guidance on your next steps, this session is designed to provide you with clarity, purpose, and a practical roadmap for transforming your passion into personal success.Add to basket

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My coaching practice is derived directly from a combination of my professional expertise and experience and my personal healing journey and fight for justice.

I believe in a holistic transformative approach, harmonising your personal and professional self. My philosophy: it’s about work-life integration, not work-life balance. Through my practice I’ll aim to guide you to tap into your alignment, developing your sense of self, which will allow you to open yourself up to be who you are in every setting.


I spent the majority of my career as an International Employment Lawyer. I operated in a variety of environments including high performance, hyper growth startups as well as traditional and established companies working in the heart of the business, providing strategic employment legal advice across markets in unique and ever changing business and legal environments. I built teams, mentored colleagues, litigated groundbreaking cases and had a seat at the table. I have executed at the highest level, achieved traditional success, and reaped the financial rewards and recognition. You would have thought I had it all.


I have also been in an abusive relationship that originated in the workplace. The abuse was extreme and ongoing and significantly impacted both my personal and professional life. I lost all sense of myself and watched as my previously vivacious, dynamic, action-oriented self became drained and reclusive. I felt like I was in a black hole watching every aspect of my life; my career, my health, my wellbeing, spiral away from me. I knew that I wanted something different, but I also understood that I could not continue to make the same choices and expect a different result.


I committed to going deep into myself, my relationship history, and my childhood to understand how and why I made those choices. I developed the tools to empower myself to choose differently. I knew that if I could compassionately face my emotional wounds, every area of my life would benefit.


In retrospect, I can see that I curated my own holistic rehabilitative healing plan. What started as a process of healing and self discovery became a road map to complete and utter freedom. Freedom from old stories and patterns that held me back, and prevented me from being my whole, authentic self and living my fullest life.


That’s what I hope to share with women who need it. Helping them not only fight back, but give themselves permission to break the chains that are holding them back. To find their freedom.