1-on-1 Healing Program

 585,00 excl. VAT

Filing a workplace report for sexual assault of harassment can be terrifying. You are dealing with the personal impacts of the trauma and speaking up can be triggering and intimidating. You may work closely with the perpetrator, fear retaliation or have concerns about how you may be viewed by co-workers after raising the complaint.

As an International Employment Lawyer I advised companies on the relevant legal framework and processes when dealing with workplace complaints including sexual assault and harassment. I have first hand insights into how companies approach these complaints and their strategies and priorities. Having also been through these processes as a survivor, I understand the personal impact and strain that these processes will have on you. I also know how healing and empowering it was to raise my voice. As your Coach, I will combine my professional expertise and experience with my personal experience. You will receive strategic reporting advice and expertise and we will work together to develop a strategic roadmap that maximises your chances of success. At the same time we will develop a unique holistic healing programme designed to take care of your health and wellbeing and free you from the chains of your experience to move forward into your new chapter.

This service is also available to those who do not want to make a harassment claim but want to move through their healing journey to freedom and live the life that they desire and deserve.

The costs of the 1-on-1 Healing Program is excluding VAT.
The program includes three hours of individual coaching. Coaching sessions can be offered in person and online via Zoom.