Executive Authentic Leadership Coaching

 585,00 excl. VAT

Whether you already have a seat at the table or are looking to build your career and be a change maker within your organisation.

I offer an executive professional and life coaching system designed for the executive woman, [and women working to become one], who has a strong inner compass or a deep knowing of who she wants to be personally and professionally and wants to feel empowered to bring her whole self into work. This executive woman may already have a seat at the leadership table but feels disempowered to use her voice or wants to build her corporate career without losing her sense of self. She wants her professional and leadership choices to authentically represent her personal values and that inner voice so she can lead by example.

With my coaching programme, you will learn to authentically integrate your personal and professional self, paving the way for others to do the same. Each woman who is brave enough to pursue this journey will affect real workplace cultural change and become the trailblazing leader they have always envisioned. This program is also suitable for those on the path to leadership roles.

The costs of the Executive Authentic Leadership Coaching Program is excluding VAT.
The program includes three hours of individual coaching. Coaching sessions can be offered in person and online via Zoom.