Marcelino Brudet – Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Lino and I’m a certified personal trainer and security specialist. 15 years ago I decided to get serious about my physical health and committed to developing my own training programmes. At this time, I had clear goals in mind but no experience or formal education in physical training. I was curious to see what I could achieve and trusted that my body would lead the way.

In the following years, I researched different techniques and dedicated myself to challenging my body, experimenting with my body’s responses to achieve optimal results. I would keep what worked for my body and discard what didn’t, developing dynamic programmes that were the right programmes for me at that time. The results spoke for themselves and I wanted to share my knowledge and experience. I got certified and began my coaching career.

Personal Training Programs

  • 3 months Personal Training Program

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  • 6 months Personal Training Program

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  • 12 months Personal Training Program

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Committing to a training programme was transformative. I knew I would see physical results and would reconnect with my body. I could not anticipate the mental and emotional transformation of the right training regime. Committing to a training programme is so much more than changing your body. If consistently followed it is an incredible tool of empowerment, self discovery and will give you every tool you need to cultivate a focused and empowered mindset, in and out of the gym. You learn to set goals, to make changes, to focus, to let go, to face reality in a very safe and controlled environment. This allows you to go deep, developing the mental resilience and agility that is essential for emotional health and wellbeing.

If you have experienced trauma, an empathetic training programme will help you release the trauma stored in your body, to face and release difficult emotions, to reconnect with your body, and reclaim ownership of it. It will support your emotional health care, help you regain your sense of self and empower you to make conscious decisions that serve you.    

My signature method is a bespoke approach. Every client is different and requires a unique programme.  Your training programme will be curated for you, with you. We will work together to devise a programme based upon your goals, experience and lifestyle. It will be challenging and dynamic but you will be fully supported. I am your coach. I will hold you accountable, guide, support and motivate you through the journey. See my training packages above. I can’t wait to get started!