About our founder Harriet

I am Harriet, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcast host, trainer, warrior, survivor, activist, and change maker.
I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am in your Trybe.

A little bit about me…

I received my law degree from the University of Exeter, UK, and studied the LPC at BPP Professional Education, London.

My life and career have taken me down many different paths, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you really can heal from what life throws at you.

Having achieved ‘traditional’ career success but also having fought my own battles, I am passionate about empowering women to break through their own chains and live the fullest expressions of themselves.

I know the challenges of breaking free because I’ve broken my own.

I went through some challenging times to say the least. But what I found was that despite the sheer difficulty of healing from violence and harassment, not giving up was so worth it. Throughout my journey, I kept trying to remember what made me…well, me. It’s easy to lose yourself, to feel less than you are.

But no matter how much I wanted to give up, I knew breaking free was important. That was the roaring fire that fueled my healing process, even when it felt like it was impossible.

My experiences are battle scars, but I made it to the other side. With de.Trybe, I want to help others who have been in similar situations arrive at that same place and to empower them to set themselves free . I want to raise awareness within organizations, so they reach an authentic understanding of why changes to current corporate culture are required and the significant benefits of investing in those changes.

I know I have the privilege of being able to offer my experience in the hope that some aspect of it reaches someone who needs to know it’s not only happening to them, that they are seen, supported, and that they always have a place to go and a place to call home.

If you’d like to learn a little more about me, you can see my LinkedIn and Instagram profile.

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