Lisa Labadie – Focus Manager

I’m a Focus Manager and Energy reader. I use my gift of reading people’s energy to help my clients focus to achieve their personal and professional life goals. What people need instead of what they want is something I can discover quickly.

For many years I have worked as a project manager in a diverse profile of fields of expertise. Over the years I narrowed my specialisation to focus on people’s needs. For the last 8 years I worked on my ability to work with the unsaid and unseen and use my talents, combined with my expertise to provide strategic insight to my clients to uncover and optimize talent, define goals and provide the necessary support and guidance.


  • 1 single session Focus Manager Coaching

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  • 1 month Focus Manager Coaching

     875,00 excl. VAT Multiple 90 minutes sessions spread over the course of 1 monthAdd to basket
  • 3 months Focus Manager Coaching

     1.800,00 excl. VAT Multiple 90 minutes sessions and calls spread over the course of 3 months.Add to basket

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Following my program you will be able to establish and implement your purpose and achieve your wildest (personal and professional) goals – whether it is starting a purpose led business or guiding individuals or teams on how to bring awareness and transformation into their business lives and professional selves.

The first thing we will establish is what you need to focus on. I work on 5 focus points: work, home, relationships, health and spirit. Together with my clients we will decide what the appropriate order and method will be to achieve the results they want.

What you want to focus on can range from  exploring your talents, constellation work/ family, discovering and managing your blockages, to designing your vision for yourself or your company. You may not even know the area you want to change, you just know that you want something to change. You want more. My work will always be customized so I can deliver what my clients need and will be curated and designed with you. 

After a big or traumatic event in your life you can feel lost and have the feeling that there is something more but you don’t know how to get there. The healing journey is a process of deep self discovery, not only in relation to your experience, your past but mostly to yourself. Who you really are, what intrinsically motivates you and what you are really passionate about. It can unlock a deep desire to make meaningful changes in all aspects of your life. It can also awaken a deep sense of purpose and a deep desire to be part of the change and inspire and facilitate others to do the same. Discovering that you want to make changes in your professional and personal life is one thing, removing the blocks that limit our potential and being able to operationalize our purpose is another.

My unique customized methods and programs take my clients from feeling stuck and uncertain during a transformational time to a fully defined and operationalized plan whilst having time and place for trauma healing.

If you are seeking to discover your true purpose and to operationalize it into your business or business life and practices, I’m waiting to work with you!. See my rates and programs above.