Written by de.Trybe and vetted by experts, our playbooks encompass personal and professional issues related to reporting workplace complaints, how to deal with stalking and harassment, how to file a police report, and much more. In these playbooks, you will gain practical knowledge and insights into how to address these serious and complex injustices and to overcome any difficulties you encounter on your path to healing.
  • Playbook Workplace reports

    Workplace reports

     24,99 excl. VAT A guide for any report an employee may wish to make to their employer filing a complaint of sexual assault, abuse or harassment.Add to basket
  • Playbook Stalking and harassment

    Stalking and harassment

     24,99 excl. VAT A guide to deal with the very real risks and ramifications of stalking and harassment.Add to basket
  • Reporting to the police

     24,99 excl. VAT A guide for those wanting to file a report to the police against someone stalking, harassing, and/or abusing you.Add to basket
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