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De.Trybe’s mission is to support and empower women and provide resources and support for sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace for individuals and organizations.
There is no denying the importance that work plays in our lives, as it’s where we spend a majority of our time. However, too often, we are seeing that the workplace is not a safe, empowering or equal business environment for women. It can become toxic and even dangerous to a woman’s physical and mental wellbeing. Experiencing abuse or harassment at the workplace is lonely and isolating. It destroys the sense of self, leaving the victim paralyzed by confusion and self-doubt. It has severely damaging consequences on your mental and physical state and will start to negatively shape who you are both in and out of the workplace. You watch yourself disappear as you strive to meet your abuser’s ever-changing standards and needs, and feel like you are no longer in control of your career or yourself.

De.Trybe offers resources and support services, but above all else, de.Trybe is a community. Together, your trybe will listen, support, uplift and inspire one another. Share your journey. Trade resources. Or simply be there to recognize that you are not alone and that there are others who understand your experience and who will support you through your journey. There will be no need to explain yourself here.

To develop this sense of community and true support, there are different options to join your trybe. We will soon launch a Facebook Group where we will build our community together. This group will be comprised of a group of women with a shared pain, who are determined to break free and to trailblaze the path to a new future, for themselves and for tomorrow’s woman. Sign up below for the de.Trybe newsletter to be notified when the Facebook Group goes live.

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